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David Allison

The Last of the Mohicans

Directed by Clarence Brown & Maurice Tourneur in 1920 this is the original and most faithful film adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel.


Two British sisters caught up in the war for colonial control of North America, find protection under the care of white scout Hawkeye, the last chief of the Mohican tribe, and his majestic son Uncas.


A magnificent drama in which good and bad characters are dispersed amongst Native Americans, British and French alike, whilst the narrative takes in spectacular action scenes and intense romance.


All that and an appearance from Boris Karloff.



This thrilling adventure is accompanied live by a new score for keyboards, percussion, bass, ukulele and acoustic guitar composed and performed by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist David Allison.


“A glorious live accompaniment from David Allison with an electronic score played on guitar and keyboard. The haunting themes beautifully captured the emotion of the film while the impact of the action scenes were intensified quite brilliantly by the frenzied, at times almost discordant playing. This was a stunning soundtrack that would make a superb stand-alone CD.”
Silent Film Calendar.


“Move over Daniel Day Lewis. The 1920 version is now my favourite. Marvellous soundtrack performed live by David Allison.”
Pauline McLean, BBC Scotland Arts Correspondent.


"This was time travel at it’s best. He creates an incredible cinema sound... his writing and musical style is both evocative and exciting. Throughout the film he plays a large array of different instruments, looping certain segments so he could move onto another instrument to recreate the drama that was unfolding on screen. He is one very clever and skilful musician."

Danny Matheson, Celtic Music Radio


“Brilliant. Really rather special.”
Rod White, Head of Programming Edinburgh Filmhouse.

“David Allison knocked our socks off with his accompaniment to Last of the Mohicans at HippFest 2018 Opening Night.”