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"The Island Tapes represents a quite extraordinary emotional journey in both image and sound, and these special and valuable recordings will grace the music collections of all who are as interested in Scotland’s recent history as they are in her music.  This is a very important recording."

Living Tradition Magazine


"The new DVD-CD is a daring experiment, which results in a heart-rendingly successful contrast."

Akustik Gitarre (Germany)


"The Island Tapes' – is nothing short of a magical musical tour into the past; where emotions are stirred, interests peaked and people and places are stunningly brought back to life."

Stornoway Gazette


"A wonderful idea: a historical document with fantastically-played music."

Folker (Germany)

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"A full 90-minute show, and, it transpires, one of the highest quality, brilliantly executed by top-class performers."

The Times


"I was captivated not only by what was on screen but by the music below. This is a brilliant concept and something that you would certainly want to see again."

The Courier

"First-rate playing and singing with vintage film of Harris, Skye, Orkney, Shetland and St Kilda... an engaging evening".

The Scotsman

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Norman John Gillies passed away on Sunday 29 September 2013. He was an inspirational figure to all those who had a privilege of knowing him, and The Island Tapes and The St Kilda Tapes projects owe their existence to his passion for sharing his story about life on St Kilda.

David Allison



“I remember that well, as if it happened yesterday. Me standing down at the seashore and waving to her as she was rowed out in a boat with her shawl on and her waving back.”

The Times

"A few flickering pictures on a 16-minute documentary link Norman John Gillies, 82, with a life which had its origins in prehistoric times."

Daily Express


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islandtapes stkildatapes mohicans rob roy nosferatu cddvd press bios origin shows contact